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When watching a film, not one you particularly like, it often becomes difficult to understand whether to appreciate the film for its efforts or trash it for boring you.

Commando 3 movie review
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Commando 3 is one such confusion. Directed by Aditya Datt the film has its moments. Especially, when Vidyut Jamwal shows his action moves, it is indeed something to marvel at. But it is this strength that the director makes his weakness.

 India sending a desh bhakt commando, spy, army officer, intelligent operative to find a dreaded terrorist  in a race against time as the time stamp shows you ‘the biggest attack’ of India inching closer is a plot of more films than we count at this time. One has also come to accept a certain lack of subtlety and extreme jingoism in such contents and despite being a cliche it often makes for a film that is fairly watchable due to sleek action sequences and the way information and clues are solves to expose the bigger picture. Add to that the tadka of a razor sharp terrorist laced with deranged fanaticism and the it often produce a dish that is tasty.

Commando 3 movie review
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Commando 3 Movie Review:

The Film Offer Little More Than Vidyut Jamwal In His Action Glory Despite Showing Glimpses Of Potential

To its credit, Commando 3 does all of this but somehow fails to make an impact. The film has a lot of trustworthy on-screen characters like Gulshan Devaiah and Rajesh Tailang yet while Tailang is decreased to a platitude of a senior official accountable for the mission, the director makes Deviah ruin a performance in a role that an actor of his calibre could have done in a sleep. His moderate purposeful method for conversing with prompt fear fills you just with bothering and left to his own gadgets its absolutely impossible he couldn’t have done a superior activity with the job of a feared psychological militant driving force.

Vidyut Jamwal and is undulating muscles carry out the responsibility they should and the person in real life scenes is truly similar to margarine on a hot container. He skims and kicks and punches with fierceness of a tiger and the finesse of an artist and in spite of being somewhat firm in scenes in which he really needs to act out it sails since it goes with the character of a character. Angira Dhar as a British Intellingence Agent has been given some action scenes, lot of really cool tops to wear but sadly no British accent and Adaa Sharma as a Raw Agent has been given a hint of backstory that is just mentioned once and never again, some purple hair and a weird South-Indian mixed with Marathi accent is neither explained nor tolerable. In fact, accent is a constant struggle that the film goes through because even Gulshan Devaiah who is supposed be a Chelsea born has an English accent at times and then completely forgets the same in another. It is just something that you cannot help but notice.

To be completely honest, the film although almost jingoistic is not scarred by Islamophobia. Yes, there are clichés and the ‘humane Muslim’ thinking themselves as Indians first and Muslims second is far better than the embarrassing anti-minority stance that narratives like these tends to take. Pertinent issues are raised and the conclusion a little too absurd at least has noble intentions.

Commando 3 Movie Review:

The Film Offer Little More Than Vidyut Jamwal In His Action Glory Despite Showing Glimpses Of Potential

However, the biggest issue of the film is that it is formulaic and simply too safe. Apart from certain action scenes there is no push to push boundaries or do something new and cop-outs are a plenty. The Ayodhya issue is raised but not much is said, the terrorist is given an angle with his son that he brainwashes and ex-wife that he terrorizes along with some goose bump inducing sequences but the it is hardly harnessed to its full capacity. There are flashes of brilliance in the film but the reliance on Vidyut Jamwal and his magnificent kicks are so heavy that even his superhuman shoulders cannot pull them off.

The screenplay stays taut at times and then completely becomes a ping-pong ball bouncing here and there. The cinematography is nothing to rave about but does not ruin the film in any way. The cocky and often weird quips of Adaa Sharma’s character and the ‘zabardasti’ love angle although not stretched out feels acutely unnecessary.

In conclusion, Commando 3 is not a particularly bad or unwatchable films especially if you are fan of action and hand to hand combat but the unfortunate part is the film had the potential of being something so much better.

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