Pagalpanti Movie Review: The Joke Is On John Abraham’s movie

Pagalpanti Cast:– Anil Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla , John Abraham, Ileana D’Cruz, Pulkit Samrat, Kriti Kharbanda, Arshad Warsi, , Urvashi Rautela,

We are all looking for happiness in our life, if someone finds happiness in money, then someone is in friendship and there are some special people who go out to find happiness in every Friday movies, but be careful, today is the time of adulteration. There is such a poison being sold in the market on the name of this comedy, which can get you away from laughter for a lifetime and can be brought to the hospital bed and slammed. There was a time when films like HULCHUL, HUNGAMA and HERA-PHERI made laughter make your stomach ache. Yes, the pain still occurs today, but not in laughter but in the hard work you spend on watching these films, you get wasted in return for nothing but waste and nothing can be said in simple and easy words, by bluffing some comedy film Putting a pocket on your pocket and robbery is only a punishment.

pagalpanti movie review
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Hello friends i am rahul welcome you in pagalpanti movie review, just think if the biggest feature of a film is that it finishes, then you can guess that watching them till the end is equivalent to playing the game of life and death I have come back after winning this battle and in return I want a refund for the ticket money. When the trailer of the film was released a few days ago, it was difficult to find a three second laugh in the entire three minutes, but this time the limit has been exceeded because it is difficult to believe that the three-hour film laughter is completely missing. Anees Bazmi, who has made films like No Entry and Welcome, has shown the feats like PAGALPANTI, this is the same thing. There is no room left for the story. Like every other film, this time also the comedy starts with money and the girls finish, besides finding the third thing i.e. searching for water on the marsh, and the rest of the cancer item songs. Completes which give you less fun and Punishment to the ears.

The story of the film is about a challenge person named Rajkishore, in whose fate Bed luck has sat by hitting the horoscope, the work he puts into it is a hundred per cent sure that Rajkishor plays Arjun Kapoor in another world. Playing Moving business locks in, a good healthy man falls ill on the road, the vehicles get blasted in the air, such small feats can be completed by playing the royal holidays, they also have two sons who are always with them in Bed luck Let’s say that Gandhiji used to have three monkeys, in the same way, in the film, these three things neither see anything good, listen well nor speak good. They bring a twist in the life of some don gangsters who are looking for only one thing in life, money and a lot of money apart from this, they have nothing to do with the film, neither scare you nor laugh yes yes some over acting definitely Laughter keeps on moving, which makes the laughter less angry.

From here the film is made of cocktail of hooliganism and stupidity. Some useless jokes are rammed which have neither head nor feet and fake romance is also infused to add spice whether it is needed in the story or not but In between, there are also meaningless songs that can hurt your ears deeply, there is absolutely no need to cut the dance because Urvashi is cast in the film for that.

When even the jokes of actors like Saurabh Shukla and Arsad Warsi cannot make you laugh, then understand how low the level of the film will mean that more comedy is available in the films of KARAN JOHAR and he does not boast of this at all. is. Like Anil Kapoor welcome film, this film also tries its best to be a funny gangster, but this time neither he is funny and don leave you, his character is simply kept screaming and shouting.

Although John Abraham is the lead role of the film, but there is no qaulity of the hero inside the story, just a little bit of action, people are blown away and their joks seem faded and rubbish.But the weakest part of the film is their female actresses who have nothing to do with the story, their absence in the film is equal, so talking about them and not wasting your precious time.

To say in less words, Pagalpanti is not a comedy film at all. There are two to four funny dialogue counts in the film, the rest are the smug jokes which have more laughter and less anger. Now that era is gone when it was used to make people laugh in the guise of stupidity. Please, please do a little hard work and learn to spend some money on the writer and heroine in the film. 0 out of 5 stars.

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