Late actor sushant’s lawyer claims drugs were used on him


Sudden death of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput has left many things unfolded and questions to be answered. After month of requesting and trending tags everyday, his family has finally received legal assistance and the case is being investigated by the CBI. Everyday, the case has been taking a new turn and new things are being revealed.

Late actor sushant's lawyer

Amid this, as per the latest reports, a drug angle has been unfolded related to Rhea Chakraborty and her WhatsApp chats with Samuel Miranda, Shruti Modi and others. A news channel claimed to have accessed Rhea’s chats with Shruti Modi, Jaya Saha and others where she apparently was talking about giving him something.

In a conversation with Times Now, Vikas Singh alleged, “Sushant was administered something without his knowledge. That ultimately led to his death.” He further added that in Sushant’s FIR too they had mentioned the use of drugs with the late actor. He claimed that they were under the impression that Sushant was being given some drugs by a doctor. However, post the news channel’s claims, Sushant’s family lawyer called the entire drug chats, ‘highly illegal.’

He further mentioned that what was being done to Sushant as per the alleged drug chats was to allegedly to control him or to make him docile. He claimed that Sushant was apparently given some drugs without his knowledge that led to his untimely death. Not just Sushant’s family lawyer, even Sushant’s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti and sister Shweta Singh Kiriti also have reacted to the apparent drug chats that were accessed by the news channel. Shweta even demanded action by the CBI against Rhea.

Meanwhile, in response to the allegations of the drug chats, Rhea’s lawyer has said, “Rhea has never consumed drugs in her life time. She’s ready for a blood test any time.”

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